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The One thing You'll need

In Coaching we sometimes use a technique known as visualization or future pacing.  I get the clients to picture themselves in the future that they are aspiring towards.  I encourage them to experience that moment in the future with as many of their senses as they possibly can - see it, hear it feel it etc.  This can be a powerful exercise because human being will often pursue what they can see.  That is why advertisements are so effective.  We see it, then we want it and finally we go after it.


When you look into your future what do you see?  Often this is not something we like to do for fear of being disappointed when we don't get what we go after.  Or perhaps we don't like where we are headed but at the same time feel powerless to change our course.  The good news is that you can change your future - for the greater part.  What you do today determines where you will be tomorrow.

You may not be able to do much about your past, but you can decide today where you will be tomorrow.  You can make choices today that will reap good fruit tomorrow.  It is never too late to begin again; as long as you have breath and are wiling to do what it takes, you can change your destiny. But it will take some work.

I am convinced that there is one thing that will determine whether I can look back in twelve months’ time and celebrate growth and victory on personal and professional fronts.

It is FOCUS. Laser focus.

More than ever before there are a million and one things you could expend your energies on. Equally, there seem to be a myriad of opportunities and various ways of working and living. It has never been easier to be distracted as it is now. Picking up more things to do is not a definite guarantee of success and it can add a lot of unnecessary stress to your life.

Being brutal this year about keeping your focus on what’s really important is the one thing that will propel you into more success and fulfilment.

It’s working smarter, not harder.

It’s sifting out all the time wasters – processes, unproductive tasks and yes – even people.

You are going to have to know exactly what direction you should be headed in and aim for it with laser precision. It will involve you applying the Pareto principle – focus 80 % of your time on the top producing 20% aspects of your work, business and relationships. It could also mean taking risks that you have never taken before.

Many people start the New Year with resolutions. Sadly most give up on their aspirations within two weeks of starting. Don’t be one of those. Take some time to set some SMART goals you would like to achieve in 2017. Make sure they stretch you without being ‘pie in the sky’ dreams. Then like a professional athlete, focus on the finish line and refuse to be distracted.

It’s as simple as that.

Coaching helps people reach further and higher, achieving goals that would have remained a dream had they not taken action.  It provides a supporting and encouraging environment for learning and growing to take place. Could it be time to explore how it could benefit you?

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