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Leadership Coaching

Do you want to grow in your leadership?

Have you got the right work/life balance?

Would you like to manage people and relationships better?

Have you got unfulfilled dreams that you would like to see become reality?

Do you simply want more out of life?

There are many definitions of leadership. I like John Maxwell’s definition because it is simple, yet profound. We believe that everyone has the potential to lead, since everyone has the ability to influence others.

Traditionally, people have thought that leadership qualities are innate and those who are born with them are set apart as leaders. Most leadership experts now believe that leadership is an art and it can be learnt.

  • Effective leadership does not require great technical or intellectual capacity -They might help but they are not pivotal.

  • Leadership is concerned with people- very importantly, with serving the organisation or group of people that one is leading.

  • Good leadership requires emotional strength and behavioural characteristics- these often draw deeply on a leader’s mental and spiritual reserves.

Coaching is a powerful process that supports people as they realize their true potential and empowers them to make sustainable, positive and inspirational change in their lives. Leadership Coaching is a personal development process, designed to enhance a leader’s success in achieving his or her professional objectives within the context of an organization’s values and goals.Our Leadership Coaching and tailored Training Programmes will:

  • Help you discover your strengths

  • Show you how to deal with weaknesses

  • Challenge you to lead from within

  • Expand your thinking

  • Help you identify any self-limiting believes that may be hindering your progress

  • Help you communicate better and improve your relationships

  • And much more.

Leadership is influence - John Maxwell

I have made some very positive changes in my working environment as a result of some of the conversations and the actions they prompted.  In particular I have made time to think around barriers and breakdown some of my own issues that have been allowing negative distractions to hinder my productivity and professional relationships.

R Hunt

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