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Coaching Packages

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This session lasting up to 2 hours, is like a taster but will give you the opportunity to identify the challenges holding you back from where you would like to be; clarify your vision of your ideal and leave you inspired and motivated to take the next step.

£540 - 3 sessions


Most of us have an ideal life we would like to pursue, but are either not sure where to start or lack the confidence to go after our dreams in a purposeful manner.  Over three months and 3 sessions, I will show you how. We'll set some goals and develop strategies to achieve those goals.

£1080 - 6 sessions


Transformation is possible and always starts with one step in the right direction.  What would your life look like if you could change one thing that is holding you back?  Whether it is fear of failure, lack of confidence or self-esteem, or uncertainty about making choices that could change the trajectory of your life, these challenges can be dealt with so that you can move forward confidently to a new, better future.  Over 6 months and 6 sessions you'll get the tools to succeed.

Group Coaching

Lead From Within

This is a 6 month programme (comprising 6 sessions) for emerging and established leaders both within and without church settings.  It is based on the premise that the real crux of leadership is found in a leader’s heart. The physical heart is without doubt the centre of human life because the minute the heart stops working, life as we know it ceases. Heart Leadership (leading from within) requires one to lead from the centre of their being; from all that makes them the person that they are – their emotions, minds, passions etc.  Secondly, it is requires one to lead with courage.

Women on Purpose

A 6 month programme that will help you gain clarity about your vision and purpose as well as provide direction and strategy for those who know their purpose but are uncertain about how to proceed. It is loosely based on my book – Breakout: Finding significance and purpose in everyday living.

Make it Happen

Do you have a dream or goal you have wrestled with but haven’t achieved yet?  During this 12 month long program, you will be supported as you define the goal, determine a strategy and see your goal/dream become reality.

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