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Lead From Within

Lead From Within is a six-month programme for emerging and established leaders in both secular and church settings.  It is based on the premise that the real crux of leadership is found in a leader’s heart. The physical heart is without doubt the centre of human life because the minute the heart stops working, life as we know it ceases. 

The word heart has evolved from the Old English, heorte, which meant all of the following: breast, soul, spirit, will, desire; courage; mind, intellect (online etymology dictionary).   The heart has long been identified as the centre of the entire body; the seat of life, emotion, reason, will, intellect and purpose. 

This word “heart” appears over one thousand times in the Bible, making it the most common anthropological (anthropology is simply the study of human kind) term in the book. The Latin word for heart is Cor or Cordis from which the French derived their own word for heart — Coeur (from cour).  It is from these roots that other words like courage and courageous have come from.


Heart Leadership (leading from within) firstly requires one to lead from the centre of their being; from all that makes them who they are – their emotions, minds, passions etc.  Secondly, it is requires one to lead with courage.

This programme will show you how to lead from the very centre of who you are and to lead with courage and confidence.

Who is it for?

Women who feel called to leadership regardless of the position they currently hold.

If you:

  • Feel that there is potential within you that has not yet been tapped

  • Are called to leadership but don’t quite know where to start

  • Want to grow in your leadership and use your God-given gifts more effectively

  • Want to get the right work/balance in your life

  • Would like to manage people and relationships better

  • Would like the support of other women in your leadership journey.

Then this program is for you.

What will you gain by completing this program?

  • The opportunity to clarify your life purpose and determine where your gifts best fit.

  • Increase confidence in your leadership ability

  • Maintain the motivation and commitment required to achieve your leadership goals

  • Be enabled to take the actions that will transform your leadership and personal life.

  • Have the chance to explore your strengths and deal with the challenges you face.

  • Free DISC personality profile assessment to help you better understand ways of working and communicating that serve you best (usual cost is £35) 

  • Receive the support you need to grow, while supporting others at the same time.  

  • Network with other Women Leaders and build healthy relationships that last long after the program has ended.


Monthly virtual meetings lasting 2-3 hours facilitated by a trained Coach. To get the best out of these meetings, and to improve the experience for other members of the group, you will have to commit to attending at least 5 out of the six meetings.

How long for?  

The program runs over six months with one session/month totalling 6 sessions. This will be reviewed at the end with the option of continuing with a slightly different format if the group wants to.   There is no obligation to continue after the initial six-month period. 


Specific start dates are available and once enrolled you will be given the next available start date.  It is anticipated that it will run either during the evening or a Saturday morning as many people have day jobs.  If the group opts to meet during the day, that can be arranged.


1 X £995


6 x £175 monthly payments (Please contact me if you would like this option)

At just over £5 a day or the cost of a cup of coffee, can you afford not to invest in yourself?   Individual coaching sessions can cost anything between £50-£500 depending on the expertise of the Coach. 


Session one – Your unique name

Session two – Vision and Mission

Session three – Using your voice

Session four – Balance heart and backbone 

Session five – Nourish or perish

Session six - Birthing and nurturing

Wrap up and celebrate!

Leadership is influence - John Maxwell

The DISC assessment and feedback gave our leadership team significant new insight into the different personalities within the group. This is turn, combined with perceptive guidance from the Coach, has increased our awareness of the dynamics at work within the team.

P Vincent

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