I would like to help you on your journey from where you are to where you would like to be. I have some free resources as well as those that require payment so please check back often and invest in yourself.


Here are some free resources that will help you on your journey. Feel free to share with colleagues or clients.

Top 10 mistakes great leaders DO NOT make twice.

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DISC is a behaviour assessment tool, based on the work of Harvard psychologist William Marston.  In the 1940′s, Walter Clark, an industrial psychologist, built upon Marston’s ideas and created DISC as a personality profiling tool. Each and every one of us possesses the characteristics of all four types in some form, but we have one style that is our dominant personality type.  With the help of DISC profiles, you and your team can work more effectively.

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Books/Online tools

Here are a few books that I would recommend if you are looking at honing in on your leadership skills and reaching your full potential.

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