You probably are. Or at the very least you are good at it. Good enough for your clients to want to pay you for your products or services. But no one can succeed all by himself or herself. I have always been independent, and I love working on my own. The more I have worked with business owners, health professionals and leaders from all spheres of life, the more I have come to realise this truth – it takes more than one person for a business or other organisation to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how many degrees or skills you have acquired you simply can’t be good at everything. A jack-of-all-trades is usually master of none. Better an expert at one thing than average in many. Truth is, we need each other if our businesses are going to be as successful as they could be, or if we are truly going to make a difference in other people’s lives. Business owners that are successful have learned how to make the right connections.

They are good at building social capital – you’ve heard the saying it’s not what you know, its who you know.

Who are the people in your world that you need to build better relationships with? Who are the people you don’t yet know that you need to get to know? I landed my very first job after I graduated because someone I knew recommended me to her boss.

That’s what effective networking is about. Building social capital, growing your community and looking for ways of connecting people are just as important as the other aspects of owning and running a business. Not everyone you meet will become a client, but you never know who will be the next business partner, or joint venture partner, or connection to that big break you’ve been waiting for.

But it’s not going to happen just because you want it to. You have to be intentional about it. It won’t happen overnight either. It takes time and effort to build trust in relationships. A common number quoted is 7-12 interactions with another person before they trust you enough to buy from you. It tends to take longer with services than with products.

So this month I challenge you to put down 3 actions you will take to build on the relationships you already have or to create new ones. Focus on just 3. You can add more as you complete these 3.

Do me a favour, leave a comment and share what you’ll be doing. Writing it down and making it public is one way to ensure that you make it happen.

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