The current world we live in is very fast paced. Things are changing more quickly than one ever imagined and technology is advancing faster than most of us can keep up with. While most of this is good, there is the temptation for us to expect everything else to move just as quickly. As someone who is very interested in personal development, I have read a few self-help books in my lifetime. A lot of them have been helpful to me one way or the other, but quite a few of them promise you a success formula that is sure to work if you apply it. Except they don’t always tell you about the part time has to play in all of this.

The truth is that success – the kind of success that lasts – often comes slowly. Many business people, entrepreneurs or inventors will tell you that they did not achieve success overnight. Yes there is the occasional lucky break for a few but majority have had to work at something for months and even years before they saw the success they had dreamed of. So why do most people think that their stories will be any different?

In his book, Never Too Late To Be Great: The Power of Thinking Long, the author, Tim Butler-Bowden says this: “it is in the nature of true success that at first, even for a long time, nothing seems to be happening.” He adds, “In despair, we think that we have picked the wrong ingredients or got the recipe wrong. Peering into the oven, we see nothing. But come back later, and suddenly we discern a dark mass rising above the rim of the tin.”

Here are some tips to help you succeed slowly:

  1. Look back regularly, and give yourself credit for what you have achieved so far.
  2. Recognise that slow progress is better than no progress
  3. Surround yourself with a good support group. This could be a mastermind group, networking community, family or friends. Click on the link for information about my next mastermind group that starts in April – The Business Boost Programme.
  4. Constantly remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. I call this your ’Big Why.’ If it is big enough, it will keep you going on those inevitable tough days.
  5. Connect with the right people; partnerships can help you get to your finish line faster than going it alone.
  6. Learn to see failure as learning, an opportunity to try a different way.
  7. Be generous with your skills and time. As you help others succeed, you will inevitably succeed at your own endeavours.To your success,

    Here’s the link to the book I quoted above. It’s a good one to read. Never To Late To Be Great:The power of Thinking Long.