There are always many reasons to quit when we face challenges or things don’t go as planned.  Thinking about projects I have had the privilege to be involved in, it’s interesting how the beginning is usually fun and exciting.  For me, being a starter by nature, doing something new always fills me with enthusiasm.  With lots of ideas, the future looks bright.  Until somewhere down the line, the first obstacle hits.

Most people don’t give up then.  When you experience repeated knocks though, the story is different.  Somehow repeated knocks seem to be more common than single ones.  You can lose the initial motivation you had.  Suddenly the excitement you had at the beginning is no longer there.  What do you do then?

Try one more time.  I like the lyrics of this song by Michael Smith:


This is what you’re made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing that the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you
Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try
One more time


Trying again does not mean:

  • Doing the same thing you’ve always done (that would be stupid)
  • Staying blind to why you may have failed in the first place
  • Refusing to face reality that you may have end some business venture or project

But it does mean:

  • Not giving up till you’ve tried every option
  • Seeking help/advise from someone who can see your blind spots
  • Digging deep to rediscover your big ‘why’ for doing what you are doing
  • Being willing to change course if necessary


The following people kept trying ’one more time’ until they succeeded: Albert Einstein, Alexander Bell, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, the Wright brothers and so many more.  Don’t give up.  Try one more time.  It could be the time that you succeed.

To your success,