I recently had to ring Apple customer service because I had a problem with my phone. The gentleman I spoke to was very polite and did his best to help me. He was able to sort the problem out but that was not the thing about our interaction that left the most lasing effect.

It was the way I felt afterwards.


There is a famous quote by Maya Angelou that says: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

You may think your clients or customers don’t notice when you go out of your way to treat them with respect and kindness. They do.

You may think that one challenging client or customer that demands all the patience that you can muster in order for you to remain calm and objective doesn’t matter. They do.

That person could be the one that turns around and gives you the best testimonial you have had in a long time.   Just because you took the time and effort to show them that they mattered to you.

People know when you value them, and they respond positively. Good customer service is not rocket science, but it is less common than you think. It is the one thing that will get you repeat business.   That’s why people put so much stock on reviews and testimonials. They don’t just want to know before they use your service how good you are at what you do. Or how good your products are.

They also want to know how you will treat them. When they have a problem. When they have a query. When what you sell to them doesn’t quite meet their expectations.  They want to know that you will listen and act.

  • Take time to say thank you regularly to your customers (not just at Christmas)
  • Treat them with respect
  • Listen to their opinions and suggestions
  • Acknowledge when you are wrong and make amends as appropriate.
  • Be quick to apologise and slow to take offence

Do this consistently, and you will be rewarded by loyal customers who will also refer business to you. You will also be one of the few with exemplary customer service.