Whether you are running your own business or leading a team, chances are, you want to get results. Otherwise you wouldn’t be working so hard, putting so much effort into your business or team. But did you know that it is possible to work hard and yet not get the results that you would ideally want? We have all heard the saying, work smarter, not harder. Actually I don’t agree. I certainly think we need to work smarter, but we also need to work hard. Lazy people don’t achieve very much, but of course that’s not you or you wouldn’t be reading my blog!

I have studied people. I have read books. I know how the brain works (I have a medical degree). And I have learned from the school of hard knocks. It begins with you. You need to take responsibility for the results you are getting and if you don’t like them, change what you are doing. Here are 5 reasons we don’t get the results we want. I am sure there are more but I wanted to start with these.

Reason No 1-Lack of clarity

You don’t really know what you really want. If I woke you up in the middle of the night and asked you what success means for you, would you be able to tell me in a concise sentence? Or would you waffle and scratch your head? If you don’t know what you really want, then you won’t have a clue if what you are getting is what you want and you won’t be able to come up with any strategies to get what you want either. So sit down and write one paragraph stating concisely what you want out of your business, your team, your organisation, your life. And I don’t mean what you think you want, or what others think you should want, but deep down, what you really really want.

Reason No 2 – Lack of focus

You can’t focus on something you are not aware of. That’s why this is number two and not number one. Once you know what you want then you can focus on it like a laser. Most people try to do too many things at once. Then they get discouraged when they don’t make any progress. Pick one thing at a time and focus all your energy and resources on it. Yes I know it is tempting to have lots of pies cooking at the same time and there is something to be said about not putting all your eggs in one basket. But in the initial stages, things that you need to see great results in need a lot of your attention. Once you start seeing the results you want then you can pick something else and do the same all over again while not letting the first thing slip.

Reason No 3 – Not asking for help

We were never meant to succeed on our own. We were never meant to be independent of each other. An interdependent relationship is one in which we recognise the part we have to play in each other’s successes. You do not have all the gifts and talents in the world and you are certainly not skilled in everything. Asking for help is not a sign that you have failed, but a sign of your strength and awareness of the gaps you might have in your skill set or knowledge. Be as willing to ask for help, as you are to offer help to others. It’s a much more fulfilling life and you’ll get better results.

Reason No 4 – You are not committed enough
Before you shoot me down I know you are trying your best but as I have discovered more recently, trying hard is not proof that I am committed to a cause. My commitment is shown by my willingness to succeed at that thing, whatever it takes. Yes, whatever it takes so long as it is moral, legal and does not hurt any one else in the process. My commitment is also shown by my refusal to give up, no matter what. Are you committed? Maybe not as much as you thought you were.

Reason No 5 – The paralysis of analysis
I know you need to do the market research, get the training, make sure you are ready to launch that new product, make sure you have enough resources. But at some point you have to quit thinking and start acting. Perhaps your procrastination is a merely a sign of some deeper ailment – like fear of failing. Whatever it is, recognise it for what it is then deal with it by taking action. Quickly.

There you have it, my 5 reasons. I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line and tell me how I can serve you better.