Recently I was thinking about life in the twenty-first century and how have become a generation of people that have become so used to instant gratification.  Whether it is checking emails on the go, grabbing a take away latte from the coffee shop or paying your bills online, we like things to be fast and furious.

I am no different. Having a high D on the DISC personality profile (if you don’t know what this means, you’ll have to have yours done!) I am generally impatient to see results.  This is not always a good thing.  I have lived long enough and walked alongside people long enough to know that the ingredients for a successful business, career or personal life often do not include ‘speed’.  So here are three things that are consistently included.


  1. Desire

One of the questions I often ask my clients in a coaching session is simply, “What do you really want?”  Underneath the layers of self-imposed limitations, other people’s expectations and life’s challenges lie the desires of each of our hearts.  It is not always logical.  It does not always make sense, but desire is the force behind every new invention, every sacrifice and subsequently every great achievement.  It was a desire to beat the four minute mile that drove Roger Bannister, a former athlete to practice and improve his technique until he achieved that feat.  It was desire to make computers accessible to the individual that drove founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen to take the steps they did to create Microsoft.  One of the most important questions you may ever ask yourself is, “what do I really, really want?”


  1. Commitment

It is not a very popular concept these days.  People are staying in jobs for shorter periods before moving on to other jobs.  The Telegraph last week reported that one in five British teenagers leave school at 16 and do not pursue any higher education – a figure that is higher than in other European Countries.  I am not saying that a lack of commitment is the cause in these cases, but committing to a relationship, project or business is hard work.  It takes will power and a determination not to quit even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.  Commitment is not for the faint hearted.  What do you need to commit to with every ounce of your being?


  1. Persistence

Similar to but different from commitment is the third key – persistence or perseverance. Yet it is a very important ingredient in the recipe of success.  In his book, Never too Late to be Great, Tom Butler-Bowdon says, “It is in the nature of true success that at first, even for a long time, it seems like nothing is happening. In despair, we think that we have picked the wrong ingredients or got the recipe wrong.  Peering into the oven, we see nothing.  But come back later, and suddenly we discern a dark mass rising above the rim of the tin.”  Too often we give up too soon.  In labour the crowning of the baby’s head is often preceded by the strongest and most painful contraction.  Where do you need to apply more staying power?


I am sure there are other ingredients necessary for success.  I think these three are fundamental.  Over to you.