I have made some very positive changes in my working environment as a result of some of the conversations and the actions they prompted. In particular I have made time to think around barriers and breakdown some of my own issues that have been allowing negative distractions to hinder my productivity and professional relationships.
R. Hunt, Practice Manager, Local NHS Surgery.
The sessions challenged many of the beliefs and values I had about myself which were not based on fact and helped me reverse these beliefs. Oge also helped me visualize the rewards of achieving my goals and institutionalize this practice to motivate me to take the actions required to achieve these goals.
E Tony-Uzoebo, Small Business Owner
Oge is an excellent listener. She is wise in what she offers back by means of reflection of what is shared with her. She has never presented her own view, but rather fed things back so that I have then been able to prioritise a myriad of possible actions into a cohesive, practical, manageable and achievable plan of action. She is very good at bringing order out of chaos which itself unburdens. From this freedom the road ahead becomes clear. I have found the six sessions invaluable.
S Harris, Optician/ Small business Owner
The DISC assessment and feedback gave our leadership team significant new insight into the different personalities within the group. This is turn, combined with perceptive guidance from the Coach, has increased our awareness of the dynamics at work within the team.
P.V - Team Leader, Bishops Stortford Community Church.
It has given me a greater sense of direction and purpose and with that allowed me to start fulfilling my role better. I have discovered that I can achieve things that I did not think I could achieve before.
BB, Employee
From the sessions early on it has really helped me to be clear about what I would like in my next job and from that I have found it easy to say no to opportunities that are not what I am looking for. I knew that I wanted to explore what job I would like next but saw it as a daunting job. With Oge’s help I have set myself manageable goals that I have moved forward with consistently. I feel confident that should I be face with a task that appear daunting at first, I now have the skills to work out short term goals which will ultimately get me to where I want to be.
A Davies, Employee
It has been a great help, talking out and focusing on stuff that I had left undone due to lack of focus. It has pushed me forward far more than I could have without Oge’s coaching!
A Daines, Small Business Owner
I have found the coaching helpful in organising ideas, thoughts and feelings. It has helped me to focus on what I want and what is realistic as well and how to move on to achieve them. If I hadn’t had the coaching sessions I should not have made some important decisions that I did and would probably still be going round in circles with many different ideas.
LC, Small business Owner
I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to devote time to really thinking about my goals. It has been good to have a “critical friend” to bounce ideas off, and to be kindly challenged too! I’ve had to think beyond my previous thinking, which felt uncomfortable at times, but you were very encouraging and patient which I found to be a great help. I found that it had helped to be accountable to someone about my goals and this spurred me on.
L McMillan, Employee
I embarked on my coaching sessions with Oge hoping that, through the process, I might gain tools that would enable me to make changes in certain areas of my life and enable me to pinpoint and achieve my goals. After just four sessions with Oge’s expert guidance, I now feel I am much more focused and am able to create steps towards my goals that make them seem more achievable and far less overwhelming.
A.L, Small business Owner
I went to Oge at a time when I was starting a new role within my company. Oge helped me to determine a clear goal for my team and a set of steps that would help me achieve it. Coaching gave me the opportunity to step back and take the time to think through my goal and as a result I am well on the way to succeeding.
R. Armstrong, Team Leader/Engineer
Testimonial from another happy client. I love what I do!

The coaching sessions spent with Oge have had a huge impact on my life. At the beginning of the sessions I felt my life lacked the direction I wanted. I have also been a very driven person when it comes to my career but then I stuggled to get the balance between work and other apsects of my life.

Throughout the sessions the coaching helped me to really get clear in my mind what it is I wanted and the balance between having my own plan for my life and following God’s plan.
Other changes in my life that have happeneded throughout the coaching include getting a new job where I can really use my leadership giftings. I have also continued to focus on my work life balance. CN

C.N, Education


I help Business owners and Leaders/Managers create the businesses of their dreams and/or get the best out of their teams by showing them how to utilize the amazing brainpower at their disposal.

Wherever you lead, Reach Coaching is committed to helping you be better. Whichever sector you call home, corporate, business, public or voluntary, it is possible to be more and do more, whilst maintaining a good life balance.
Reach Coaching tailor Leadership and Business coaching to your context, develop effective training programs and offer helpful resources.
Our business is to get you [and your team] from where you are now, to where you want to be – in one piece.

Oge, Director and Founder

My mission is to help good leaders become better, whilst helping them live fulfilling, well balanced lives. I know what it is to succeed at what you do with little information, support or resources. I also know that there is a better way. I work with individual clients and organisations, challenging them to think differently and reach further. My coaching is built upon my values of integrity, honesty and compassion,delivered in a calm and supportive environment.


My background is in medicine, practicing as a doctor over the last two decades. Initially as a doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and later on as a General Practitioner, I led teams at all levels and carried out training for leaders and managers in a variety of settings.

I decided to move into coaching because I have a vision to see as many people as possible develop to their fullest potential, achieving their dreams. I believe that health has to be holistic, incorporating body, soul and spirit. Coaching allows me to bring these three elements together.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Benin, Nigeria
  • Member Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, London
  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling, The Philippi Trust Blackpool
  • Member Royal College of General Practitioners, London
  • Diploma in Corporate & Executive Coaching, The Coaching Academy, London
  • Certified Behavioural Consultant and DISC administrator, Institute of Motivational Living, Ohio
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